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For you , food lovers this place it's an hymn to traditions, to the effort made to protect them even overseas ... you will find historical signs of our millenary cuisine, some dishes that have become musts over the years here in Antigua and Barbuda . It is not a place intended as an egocentric collection of recipes but as a  purpose to brush up the old cliché  of bad interpretations of Italian cuisine. Your desired restaurant in the Caribbean is based in Antigua, established in 2010 nestled in a quiet corner of English Harbour inside of Catamaran Marina looking the skyline of the Mega Yacht. 

The staff create for you one of the highest quality dining experiences on the island,  signed Gusto Italiano ®


meal perfection takes time

An adventure made of flavors and smells,

following the past of a glorious cuisine winking at the contemporaneity.

Selected and well-kept ingredients treated with love and passion protagonists together with you.


Comfortably seated like in the living room of your desires pampered by good music and an excellent wine cellar selected for a quick aperitif in the hidden corner wine-bar

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Pumpkins Soup
Sea Crudite / Palma de Mallorca
Antipasti raw Octopus and 5 Green leaf
Tomatoes Soup and Sardina deep Fried
Mahi Mahi Marinated Citrus
Home Made Sausage Sicily Style
Beef Tenderloin Salt Crust
Home Made Mahi Mahi Burger
Pork Belly Slow Cooked
Lasagna Bolognese
Cacio e Pepe from Rome
Polenta and Porcini Mushrooms
White Asparagi Soup
Aglio e Olio - Pasta
Homa Made Pasta . Modena Style
Bruschetta Finocchiona Gorgonzola
Chickpeas Velvet and Seared Scallops
Gnocchi Butter and Sage
Pork Shoulder Steak Pan fried Cacciatora
Caponata Siciliana
Home Made Gelato
Tuna Seared - Peas Green - Fava Bean
Frittata di Pasta
Raw Fish Texture
Gricia - Pasta
Norma Gnocchi Silcily
Cannolo siciliano
Calamari Grill
Pork Loin 3 Cooking Step Style
Marinated Savoy Cabbage
Velvet Green Asparagus Raw Shrimp
Lobster Tentation
Vermuteria venetian Spritz
Cipriani Beef Carpaccio
Sauté  Mussels and Clams


Antigua and barbuda -west Indies-

Monday to saturday  

-winter season-

+1268 7889015

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Cambusa Gusto Italiano EST 2010 © ® ™

Pork Loin 3 Cooking Step Style

A very special food for dinner and lunch